Saturday, April 21, 2007

File folder tag book

Start with a file folder to create your very own tag book!

With the file folder folded, cut a 3"x7" piece from the folder, including the fold along the bottom edge. With the piece still folded, trim 2 1/4" off the top edge of the front half. Glue a 3"x5" piece of patterned paper over the front half, wrapping it around the fold to cover the bottom of the back half. Use a bone folder to create another crease along the bottom edge, 1/4" forward from the file folder's original fold.
Cover the back half paper of your choice, overlapping the top edge of the diamonds paper. Cut a piece of 3/8"-wide strip of paper and glue it overlapping the seam between the two other papers. Crease the back half 2 1/4" from the top edge, folding it forward to create a flap. Ink all the edges.
Cut the flaps off 5 envelope tags. Stack the envelopes one on top of the other. Glue the envelopes together by running glue stick vertically down the center of the front and back of each envelope. (Tip: Do not cover the front and back of the envelopes with glue! The completed book will not open. Use only a vertical line of glue stick to ensure the book will open.) Apply glue to the top and bottom envelopes and secure the layered envelopes in the folded book.
Add your choice of closure to the flap of the book.
Make your tags for the inside....Stamp, scrap and embellish...have fun and make it your own.

This is from "Hot off the Press" weekly webisodes. Instructions have been modified.

All paper and stamps by The Angel Company.

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