Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alaska Photo's

Greetings from Alaska! Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure! The weather here is absolutely gorgeous! 60 Degree's and sunny! It's better here than back home!
This is the Kenai River in Soldotna. As you can see the ice is still melting - the locals here call this "break up". You can see little iceburgs floating and melting all over the place.

This picture is taken in Kenai, looking back towards Soldotna. Huge mountains overlooking all the fishing boats!

This is in Palmer, which is an hour away from Anchorage!

And this one is also in Palmer! All you could see today was miles of snow covered mountains! It was so clear and beautiful! Spring fever has hit up here - so many people out on motorcylces and bikes!

I did bring some stamping projects with me that I uploaded onto my flash drive that I will share with you all later! Until then - have a great day!



Patti J. said...

Gorgeous photo's! Hopefully, we will get to see Alaska someday...

suzann said...

hey laurie..love the pics, alaska is so beautiful, hope you are enjoying your visit...