Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Rubbah!

Yesterday I went to the Heirloom Productions Stamp Show in Puyallup (pronunciation = pew all up) and had a blast. Of course, I did go a tad bit over my budget, but sometimes that's just unavoidable.

We were afraid that it was going to be overly hot in the exhibit hall, but they had the AC cranked. Good thing, since it was like 90+ outside. I think we might have had a record high day here in Washington.

Here are some pictures of my loot and of me and Jenn!

We were digging pretty hard for bargains in the unmounted section of this booth. Looking at this picture I realize that I need to get out into the sun! Yes, Jenn just got back from Hawaii, but summer is upon us and I need some golden color on my skin! LOL!
Stay tuned for creations completed with all my new rubbah! I can't wait to start playing!


PawsN2Stamp said...


Glad you had fun at Puyallup! It would be fun to go to that one just once.

I love that Gerbera Daisy card on the right side of your love love it!!!!


"Jany" said...

How fun! I wish there would be things like that in here.

Vicki said...

Oh how cool! Lots of fun stamps there! I went to the Heirloom show in Indianapolis, it's a fun trip with friends but I didn't buy much, LOL. Glad you had good luck there!

laos348 said...

Look at all your great stuff - can't wait to see what you create with it.