Monday, March 5, 2007

Learning new things

Well, we got all the cabinets up on Sunday! What a learning experience this has turned out to be! Specifically for me. My DH is an experienced carpenter, however, unless I keep him on task....he tends to get sidetracked. You know men, they can't seem to multi-task as well as us women can! LOL !

Anyway, I have learned the following things regarding construction:

1. Men always have to do things themselves. I married a stubborn HeMan (giggling).
2. Women are the weaker sex. (ya, right) I can carry a wall cabinet up the stairs with no problem. I just have to be sure DH is occupied at the time so I don't get yelled at! LOL!
3. Fat Max is essential! A fat max is a level by Stanley tools. All the cabinets have to be level...up, down, back and forth... you name it, it has to be level!
4. Always charge the cordless drill batteries!
5. A battery operated stud finder has many uses and names associated with it! Some not repeatable in this post. It was amusing at the time and helped to eliminate the tension!
6. No matter how talented a women is with using a hammer, cordless drill, level, tape measure, etc. her DH will still insist that "HE" must do everything!

I'm not complaining, my DH has been wonderful to do this for me. I'm just a tomboy at heart and wanted to do more than he would let me!

All we have left to do is put the toe kick plates on (baseboards) and the counter tops. The counter tops might prove to be a little tricky. I'm not sure if I'm going to attempt to paint the room another color or not...probably will, once the weather warms up! But that can wait till May. For now, here are the latest pictures of the room.

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