Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lily pad find

I found this stamp at the Heirloom's Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival that I went to on Saturday May 19th. I couldn't tell you who makes the stamp either, as there were so many vendor's at the show. What a fun day of shopping and I also learned a few new tricks of the trade.

The dragonfly on the lower left is highlighted with "Sparklets" in blue ice, which is made by Denami Design. The cool new quick glue by Sakura is just the best find ever! It's a pinpoint roller that let's you put just a fine line (or more depending on what you want) of light blue glue (it dries clear) on your projects. This is great for those super fine glitters, beads, etc.

The lily pad is colored using my prismacolor pencils with odorless mineral spirits.

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